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Attorney Hirst specializes in providing estate planning services to individuals and families looking to protect their personal assets and see them utilized in accordance with their wishes. We help to ensure that the value of your worldly belongings (assets) is not diluted by estate taxes and other fees so that you and your loved ones gain the maximum benefit from your life’s hard work.

Everyone needs an estate plan, not just the wealthy or elderly. If you have assets, you need a plan! If you have children, you need a plan! In fact, you already have a default estate plan — the one state and federal governments will provide in the absence of your own.

At Hirst Law, we want your rules to apply. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique situation and then create an estate plan that best accommodates your needs and personal wishes.

The Estate Planning Process

1. Analyze the current situation

We begin by taking a snapshot of your current assets and property to determine the size of the estate and to assess how current rules and regulations will impact it. Then, we'll work with you to establish goals and objectives for how you want your estate to be handled.

2. Create an estate action plan

After we've assessed your situation, a concrete action plan will be developed and reviewed. The recommendations will consider Wills, Trusts, Family Partnerships, Healthcare Proxies, Durable Powers of Attorney, etc.

3. Implement and monitor the plan

We will prepare the documents, meet with you before you sign them and discuss next steps to implement the plan. Keep in mind, once the plan is implemented you will need to contact us regarding major life changes to ensure your estate plan remains current.

To Our Prospective Clients

We specialize in estate planning law. If you wish to learn more about our services, please contact us.

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Need a Plan?

Who needs an estate plan?

If you own anything of value, have people who depend on you for part or all of their living expenses or care about what happens to you if you become sick or incapacitated — you need an estate plan. The question is how simple or complex your estate plan needs to be? If you have minimal assets and no dependent children, then a simple Will and health proxy may suffice. But, it’s more likely that you’ll need an estate plan that is broader in scope to adequately protect you.

Can I create my own estate plan?

Anyone can create their own estate plan. But, like trying to sell your own home or deciding how to invest in the stock market, some things are best left to professionals. Creating your own estate plan takes a significant time commitment, requires reading lots of books (some good, some bad, some outdated) and demands vigilance in monitoring your plan to ensure it accommodates changes in your financial and personal situations; as well as changes to tax and probate law.

Why use an estate planning attorney?

Estate law is an art, as well as a science. A good estate lawyer stays current with the ever-changing rules, regulations and laws governing estates, understands the unique situation of each client and applies the then prevailing laws in ways that maximize the benefit to the client. A good lawyer not only knows the law but can artfully use it to meet the needs and desires of the client.

The old saying, “pennywise and pound foolish”, aptly applies to creating an estate plan. The money spent upfront on a qualified estate attorney is likely to save you many times that when its comes time to put the plan into action.

To Our Prospective Clients

Nobody likes to think about death and dying. As a result, estate planning is often pushed off until it is too late. Take the first step toward maximizing your estate and providing for your loved ones by completing the “Prospective Client Profile” today. Upon receipt, we’ll contact you to arrange a time for your free initial consultation. Because the first meeting is free, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by contacting us, but lots to gain.

*At this time, Law office services are limited to residents of Massachusetts.

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    Lenny Hirst

    Leonard T.A. Hirst, II is an estate planning attorney admitted to the Massachusetts Bar. He has been a member of the Bar since 2003 and has been advising clients on Estate Planning matters in his capacity as a Financial Advisor since 1984 and as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER since 1996. Attorney Hirst concentrates his practice in the areas of Estate Planning and Asset Protection.

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